Hold online meetings and video conferences in HD quality – simply, economically and professionally!

With GoToMeeting™ and HDFaces™ high-definition video conferencing, your competitive advantage starts with your first meeting: You communicate face-to-face with prospects, customers and entire project teams. Build better business relationships when you can see eye to eye.and communicate non-verbally as well.

Key advantages:

  • Save time and money by reducing travel.
  • Collaborate more effectively.
  • Work more efficiently.
  • Make decisions faster.
  • Exchange knowledge easily.

Why GoToMeeting with HDFaces™:

  • Incredibly easy to use 
  • Low flat rate: $49 / month1
  • Extremely simple operation
  • No training necessary
  • Works on both Mac® and PC plattforms
  • Around-the-clock technical support




Your video conferences can have up to six simultaneous, HD-quality streams.

You'll be shocked by how much you can accomplish when you can communicate face to face.

GoToMeeting lets you share your screen with colleagues and customers. Transfer your screen live to another computer – anywhere in the world. The other participants see the contents of your screen inside a GoToMeeting window.

GoToMeeting makes it easy to present your ideas or demonstrate products. You’ll also reduce the time and money spent on travel. With screen sharing, everyone sees the same thing and knows exactly what you're talking about.

GoToMeeting lets multiple people hold presentations from their own screens – without hassles. The meeting organizer grants show rights. When a person's screen is visible to others, an "On air" notification bar appears at the top edge of the respective moderator's control panel. The other participants see who is moderating by a quick glance at the participant list.

As the meeting organizer, you can use the "Change Moderator" function to ensure that each participant in the meeting receives the same amount of attention for his or her presentation. This increases the exchange of knowledge and improves the discipline of the meeting.

Communicate live over several different channels and avoid misunderstandings that often occur with the back-and-forth of e-mails. Confer with up to 25 participants simultaneously. Use the default teleconference or VoIP. Or combine both in one session.

Of course, you can also connect using your conventional teleconference provider.

Use text chat to communicate with participants while a web conference is ongoing. This is useful if some participants have only narrow bandwidth, for example.

Every meeting is protected by a random nine-digit number for each session, so unauthorized persons cannot gain access. If you forget to sign off, GoToMeeting will automatically terminate the session. Secure encryption is used when signing on to a web conference and transferring information during an online meeting.

With GoToMeeting, you are on the safe side: Unauthorized persons have no chance to intercept GoToMeeting data traffic.
Each meeting participant retains control over his or her system at all times.

Work together on the same document with project members, employees or customers without having to upload files to unknown servers. As the meeting organizer, you can give the other participants keyboard and mouse control. With these tools, you can work on another participant's computer as if you were sitting right in front of it.

Use GoToMeeting to improve collaboration and complete daily tasks with greater efficiency and flexibility. Abandon the back-and-forth of emails. Instead, go straight to the solution.


Maximum number of participants

Up to 25

Up to 25

High-Definition video conferencing with up to six simultaneous video streams and bandwidth optimisation.

HDFacesTM for High-Definition Group Video Conferencing

Ja Ja
A convenient online Administration Center for managing user rights. Manage the organizers of your web conferences into various groups and grant product functions according to each group's needs.

Online Administration Center

No Yes
Retrieve detailed information and statistics about meetings in real time.

Usage statistics

No Yes
When screen transmission is deactivated, display your company logo in wait mode.

Screen with company logo

No Yes
Use web service APIs to integrate GoToMeeting Corporate into your corporate website or existing CRM, ERP, and IT systems.

Web Service APIs

No Yes
Integrate GoToMeeting into your Citrix XenAppTM environment.

Citrix XenAppTM integration

No Yes
Start ad hoc meetings with just one click so you can communicate with the right people at the right times.

Start meetings with one click

Yes Yes
Easily manage regularly scheduled online meetings with automatic transfer to your Outlook calendar. You’ll stay organized even when things get hectic.

Automatically transfer appointments to Outlook® *

Yes Yes
Let your online meeting participants decide whether they want to use their telephone or their computer for your audio conference. Simply offer both options.

Simultaneous telephone and VoIP audio conferencing

Yes Yes
It doesn't matter whether you and your attendees are using a Mac or PC. GoToMeeting lets you all communicate across operating systems.

Hold meetings via Mac® or PC

Yes Yes
Stay on top of things while traveling with your iPad. Use the free GoToMeeting app to join online meetings.

Free GoToMeeting app for iPad®

Yes Yes
Monthly subscription
Monthly payment

$49 / month1

Contact sales now:
Tel. +49 (0) 721 35 44 99-400

Yearly subscription
Save 20 %

$468 / year


Contact sales now:
Tel. +49 (0) 721 35 44 99-400


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* This function not currently available for Mac.

1) A 12-month contract costs $468 (to be paid in advance). A 1-month contract costs $49 / month. Does not include VAT/sales tax.


Our sophisticated security architecture ensures that all Citrix Online products are completely secure:

  • Citrix Online is committed to providing completely secure remote connections. Customers can track the steps that are performed on their system at all times. They can also interrupt or even terminate the session at any time.
  • Data are secured at all times through complete end-to-end encryption. This is achieved with the point-to-point SSL (Secure Socket Layer) method of encryption and the registered 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).
  • Video streams are protected by the same 128-bit AES encryption that has always kept your online meetings secure.
  • "End-to-end" user authentication utilizes the SRP protocol (Secure Remote Password). SRP protects against a wide range of attacks, including passive eavesdropping and active password cracking.


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